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Hours of service log monitoring

NATIONAL SAFETY CODE safety & maintenance manual


Can't monitor your Driver Logs or Time Records yourself? No problem, we save you time by monitoring them for you. You'll get a monthly report for each driver with both fatigue and form & manner violations.

audit preparation

If you have an upcoming National Safety Code Audit, we can help get you ready for it.

The National Safety Code is different from Occupational Health & Safety, this is why a standard OH&S Manual won't cover all the requirements of a National Safety Code Safety & Maintenance Program. We can provide you with a National Safety Code Safety & Maintenance Manual that will pass any National Safety Code Audit.

Don't have the time or resources to manage your National Safety Code program? No problem, let us manage it for you. 


Keen to know where your compliance sits? We provide a mock audit of your National Safety Code Program and provide you with a report outlining recommendations.

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Commercial Transport Training

Federal & Provincial Hours of Service, Weights & Dimensions, Cargo / Load Securement, Passenger Transportation and Vehicle Inspection Pre-Trip. All the core National Safety Code courses you are required to have, under one roof. 

National Safety Code Administrator One-on-one Training


Have a dedicated team member who looks after your Transportation Safety? We can provide one-on-one training at your location on how toset up and maintain your National Safety Code Program.

Classroom training instructing you on how to set up and maintain a National Safety Code Program. All the tools you need to get on the road to compliance.

hOURS OF service log monitoring system

Learn how to monitor your own Driver Logs with our Hours of Service Monitoring System. We'll provide you with the tools you need and show you what to look for so that your Logs are compliant.


Train-the-Trainer training in the core National Safety Code courses, so that you can train your National Safety Code staff in-house.

Commercial Transport Training bundle

Why pay each time you have to train a new driver? Purchase our Training Bundle and you can train as many drivers as you need to without incurring additional expense.

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third party audit

Required to have a National Safety  Code Audit, Verification Audit or Assessment of Compliance? Our Third Party Auditor is accredited to perform your audit on behalf of Alberta Transportation.


audited driver's logs

New Carrier in the last year and required to have a New Carrier Compliance Review? Our Third Party Reviewer is accredited to perform your audit on behalf of Alberta Transportation.

If Alberta Transportation requires you to have your Driver's Logs audited by a Third-Party Auditor, we can audit those logs for you. 

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